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Oops! Did you miss it? Property Tax Assessment Information

Indiana assessing officials typically issue annual Notice of Assessment of Land and Structures/Improvements (Form 11) to update real property tax assessed values. What does a Notice of Assessment of Land and Structures/Improvements or Form 11 look like?  See below example. This notice is extremely important as it designates the deadline (45 days from the date listed on the Form 11) to appeal the applicable assessment year. Notices are typically issued between January 2 and the spring tax bill the following year. If the deadline is missed, there is not another appeal opportunity for that year.


In some cases, assessment notices are not issued if the assessment did not change from the previous year. If a taxpayer does not receive a notice, then the deadline to appeal is 45 days from the date the spring tax bill is issued. This date will be located at the top of the tax bill.


JM Tax Advocates does its best to track deadlines per county; however, in some cases, the county is unable to document the Notice date due to record keeping shortfalls. To ensure the deadline is not missed, it is crucial JM Tax Advocates receives a copy of these notices for every parcel.


In summary, following steps are recommended to assist with preserving your appeal rights:

  1. Designate an internal point of contact for opening county notices and forward this tutorial email for their reference.
  2. Save a copy of the original county envelope that contained the notice (sometimes the date mailed may be substantially different than the notice date).
  3. Forward a copy of the Form 11 and the county envelope to JMTA when they are received.


Please feel free to respond with any questions. We appreciate the opportunity to advocate for your best interests.



Form 11 Example:


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