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Property Tax Compliance

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Utilizing JM Tax Advocates for property tax compliance assistance can accelerate your reductions. Our team will  identify and implement strategies while your returns are being prepared.  These strategies can typically more than fund the associated compliance preparation and consulting fees.  We’ll help you maintain full compliance with jurisdictional filing requirements and avoid penalty and interest amounts for late return filings, payments, and “under-reporting” assessable property.

Our plan typically includes:

  • Reviewing  prior year return and return methodologies.
  • Obtaining current year fixed asset downloads
  • Identifying potential planning opportunities for cost savings
  • Reporting taxable personal property based upon the correct tax jurisdictions
  • Signing all personal property tax returns as preparer or authorized agent
  • Reviewing return values against assessment notices or tax statements to identify any discrepancies
  • Communicating our findings and recommendations prior to client bill payment