Property taxes are typically the single largest expense associated with holding commercial real estate.

Property taxes can comprise as much as 40 percent of a commercial property’s operating expense.

Property taxes are typically the single largest expense associated with commercial real estate. They comprise as much as 40% of a property’s operating expense. Unlike typical operating expenses that are determined through vendor negotiations and contracts, property taxes are based on a government entity’s opinion of value.

The JM Tax Advocates team has extensive national and local experience in reducing real estate and personal property taxes for commercial office, retail, and other medical-related clients nationwide.

Lower property taxes will directly correlate to improved annual operating performance and an enhanced property sale price. That is why the team at JM Tax Advocates takes a complete top-to-bottom approach with property taxes by offering property tax review, property tax incentive procurement, and property tax compliance services to our clients.

The biggest impacts come from maximizing economic incentives and maintaining compliance with property tax regulations. Property taxes for commercial businesses can be a complicated subject matter to try to tackle if you are not well-versed or experienced with it. So, when it comes to maintaining property tax compliance or securing incentives and deductions, going it alone can cost you and your business unnecessary time and money.

Having a reliable tax advocate, like JM Tax, can provide you with an experienced partner that you can rely on to ensure you are doing everything you can to not only stay compliant with strict property tax compliance and avoid fines and penalties as well as finding you the deductions and economic incentives possible.

Our team is experienced, knowledgeable, and constantly up to date with commercial property tax regulations to help our clients secure the most impactful property tax incentives.

Our experience with commercial property tax has helped our clients achieve substantial reductions to their property taxes.

  • Saved community bank $230,000 through successful property tax appeals.
  • Reduced local bank’s real and personal property taxes by $92,000 during our engagement.
  • Reduced senior living portfolio’s property taxes by $645,000.
  • Reduced medical related office and retail portfolio’s taxes by $450,000.
  • Substantially reduced commercial office property taxes and saved landlord $180,000.
  • Lowered property taxes by $140,000 for multi property retail operation.

Let JM Tax Advocates assist you with your business property tax needs. Contact us today.


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