Property taxes, a major component of hotel operating expenses, directly affect the bottom line annual operating performance and ultimate property sale price.

Hotel assessments are typically
inaccurate by 20-30%.

Property taxes are a major component of hotel operating expenses, directly affecting the bottom-line success of a business. For hotels, controlling their property tax levels by securing the maximum amount of deductions and economic incentives is a must to ensure you keep your business running ahead.

But, within the ever-changing tax world and the intricacies of the system, it pays to have a property tax partner who can guide the way and advise on the most effective cost-saving actions.

JM Tax Advocates dedicates a significant amount of team resources specializing in the valuation of hotels for property tax appeal support including property tax review, property tax compliance, and incentive procurement services.

Our valuation process concentrates primarily on segregating the going concern value of the hotel’s entire business into real estate, personal property, and intangible value components. Frequently, during hotel assessments, the personal property and intangible segregation steps for the hotel valuation get lost in the shuffle and the owner can suffer through higher annual operating costs and lower residual investment value overall. Our highly qualified team has years of experience in the industry and will not let that happen.

Penalties and fines accrued from non-compliance can be a backbreaker to businesses, consuming both time and money. The team at JM Tax Advocates is extremely familiar and well-versed in property tax compliance for hotels and can review your submission plan to monitor assessments, pursue opportunities for improvement, and help with your filing to ensure you don’t incur punishment.

Our knowledge and expertise in property tax incentive procurement can help stimulate the growth of your business but requires research and negotiation to know where to focus. This is where the expertise of JM Tax as your partner in securing these kinds of incentives to help your business.

Over the years, we have helped numerous hotel operators improve their hotel financial performance by significantly lowering their property tax levels and discovering impactful economic incentive procurement.

JM Tax Advocates has helped our clients in the hotel industry by impacting their property taxes in the following ways.

  • Lowered hotel portfolio’s property taxes by over $1 million.
  • Identified and secured $880,000 for a hotel portfolio’s property taxes after transitioning advocacy from a previous provider.
  • Reduced an economy hotel’s real estate taxes by $330,000.
  • Secured a $340,000 refund for an extended stay hotel.
  • Achieved a tax savings of over $180,000 for a limited service hotel.

Let JM Tax Advocates do the same for your business. Contact us today.


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