Are you maximizing available incentives?

As one of the largest operations of its kind, we enlisted the site selection service of JM Tax Advocates to procure tax incentives. Due to the professionalism and knowledge JM Tax brought to the table, along with the persistence while representing us at several meetings and public hearings, they were able to secure the largest economic package in an Indiana county’s history for our one-of-a-kind green project. We appreciate the extra effort JM Tax Advocates put forward to make this project happen and look forward to launching many more projects together!

Steve Hogan

President, GEP Fuel & Energy LLC Camden Recycling Center

From time to time, you have probably read about significant business expansion headlines in the news. However, you may be surprised to find out that these projects were likely made possible through property tax economic incentives offered by the winning municipality to give them the edge over other possible expansion locations.

In today’s growing economy, your commercial or industrial business will likely be faced with similar opportunities to expand, so it’s a must to consider economic incentive procurement as part of company planning.

Obtaining corporate growth isn’t so straightforward. That is why it is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable property tax advocate group like JM Tax Advocates on your side.

Our expertise in the significant research and negotiations as well as the sensitive timing necessary to procure incentives such as credits, exemptions, and deductions you can rest assured that you will achieve the greatest benefits in the shortest time possible.

JM Tax Advocates property tax incentive procurement process includes the following steps:

  • Assess incentive plan including identifying areas and possible sites of opportunity
  • Negotiate incentive options
  • Compare options by site
  • Secure incentives
  • Annual compliance plan for certifying benefits received by company

Our investigation typically uncovers opportunities with:

  • Local property tax moratoriums
  • State level employment credits
  • State level investment credits
  • Sales tax exemptions on project investment
  • Training grants for re-training, new jobs, and apprenticeships
  • Utility rate discounts
  • Infrastructure improvement assistance

At JM Tax Advocates, we advocate for maximum-level incentives that typically achieve a benefit of 5% – 20% of capital investment. 

Year after year, growing employers of all sizes and industries rely on the experts at JM Tax Advocates to obtain millions of dollars in economic expansion incentives and trust our team to bring their property taxes back to reality.

States like Indiana will generally compete for jobs, so it’s critical for companies to be able to effectively negotiate and take advantage of these programs. Let JM Tax professionals be your property tax advocates. Contact us today.


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