Industrial manufacturers and distributors are typically able to free up hundreds of thousands of dollars by examining their
annual property tax burden.

JM Tax leverages significant national experience with reducing real and personal property taxes for industrial manufacturing and warehousing clients.

For a manufacturing and warehousing business, property taxes are likely your first or second largest tax burden. Unfortunately, because these property types provide unique, complicated valuation challenges for many state and local property tax assessors, chances are, they are excessive and inaccurate. In fact, we have seen that as much as 80% of industrial property tax assessments are inflated and should be challenged by an experienced advocate.

Leveraging our team of industry specialists to minimize your property tax assessments during our property tax reviews and annual compliance process and to deliver maximum value incentive benefits, you can rest assured that you are getting the maximum savings in the shortest time possible. Engaging JM Tax Advocates will help enhance your business cash flow and free up your time so that you can do what you do best – running your business!

Year after year, our industrial count on JM Tax Advocates to deliver millions $$$ in savings through our property tax reduction review, annual property tax compliance assistance, and maximum level economic incentive procurement advocacy. After engaging our team, industrial manufacturing and warehousing owners and operators can typically enjoy lower tax levels by as much as 10% – 50%. 

Some recent examples of achieved ad valorem tax reductions are:

  • Food manufacturer’s property taxes reduced by $20 million via personal property tax compliance planning, audit defense, real property tax appeals, and incentive procurement strategies.
  • The overall property tax burden of an international automotive manufacturer’s property taxes was reduced by $7.1 million while assisting with property tax compliance planning, real property tax appeals, and incentive procurement strategies.
  • A meat processor’s real estate taxes were lowered by $240,000.
  • Personal property tax filings of heavy industrial manufacturer were modified which secured a $1 million annual, perpetuating savings opportunity.
  • Assessments of a major food ingredients manufacturer were lowered and as a result, the company realized an economic benefit of $1.7 million along with ongoing, annual savings of $400,000.

Engaging our team will be a step in the right direction towards your road to success and profitability! Contact us today to start your annual savings plan!


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