At JM Tax Advocates, our diverse team of professionals provides tailored strategies to help our clients achieve real cost reductions while maintaining control over their material annual property tax costs.

JM Tax Advocates serves our clients in the areas of property tax review, property tax compliance, and economic incentive procurement. We consult with business owners and executives across the nation to provide value-added services that attain real cost savings. With over 50 years of experience, our diverse team of professionals is here to be your experts, advisors, and advocates.

The following summarizes our primary areas of focus.

Economic Incentive Procurement

Are you growing your business through investments in workforce and capital? If so, developing an incentive plan with an experienced navigator can save your company millions of dollars. Because many U.S. companies, especially industrial manufacturers, are becoming more and more capital intensive than ever, the importance of building a solid incentive plan cannot be overstated. JM Tax Advocates wants to partner with you as you grow!  

Before the shovel hits the ground, we will work together six (6) months in advance to understand your expansion plan. We then go to work on an economic incentive plan that makes sense for your expansion project. Typical areas of opportunity include:

  • Project-specific cash grants for infrastructure & training
  • Employment credits
  • State and local investment credits and property tax moratoriums
  • Utility rebates and rate reductions just to name a few!

Our team at JM Tax Advocates works with companies to help bridge capital planning shortfalls through economic incentive procurement strategies to help offset investments in workforce, automation, and property expansion by 5 – 20% on average. You can count on JM Tax Advocates to deliver the greatest possible benefits in the shortest possible time. We work hard to advocate for maximum level incentives so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business and planning your expansion.

Property Tax Compliance

Property tax compliance returns are, by and large, due to be filed between March and June, with varying due dates by state jurisdiction. We help our clients implement an effective process for implementing tax savings positions during our engagements that also includes establishing an annual filing calendar, assessment monitoring, audit representation, and overall assessed value negotiations. We will help your company transform its compliance management from reactive to proactive by leveraging our best practices and experience to avoid penalties and interest payments due to late filings and under-reported property.  

During our client engagements, we typically identify savings that exceed our compliance fees during our service projects so hiring our team of specialists is a no-risk proposition. You can count on JM Tax Advocates to ensure that your business does not pay a penny more or a penny fewer property taxes than what is fair, accurate, and equitable!

Property Tax Review

Lowering your annual property tax bill involves a disciplined process for monitoring, planning, analyzing, and advocating to secure the reductions. Capital intensive property owners, including manufacturers, senior care, and hotels, experience the benefit of having gone through a review through lower ongoing holding costs and ultimately, an enhanced sale price when they choose to divest their property.

During our engagements, we benchmark our client’s assessment levels and return positions and develop reduction strategies by leveraging our 50 years of in-house experience and a proven process for attaining real cost reductions and real tax burden relief. Although the following is not an exhaustive list, these opportunities are typically investigated and corrected for our clients:

  1. Errors with assessor highest and best use determinations
  2. Real estate assessed as personal property
  3. Pollution control exemption enhancement
  4. Situs mistakes with historical personal property reporting
  5. Variations with book accounting and physical asset status
  6. Segregation of partial asset adjustments
  7. Additional physical, functional, and economic obsolescence for real and personal property valuations
  8. Classification adjustments for low or no tax assets as defined by applicable state reporting
  9. Correction of omitted incentive deductions
  10. Differences between assessed value and true and actual market value for real and/or personal property 
  11. Improved inventory reporting positions and enhanced freeport exemptions

More often than not, we are able to help our clients find substantial relief through meaningful property tax reductions that typically includes perpetual benefit and a cash refund recovery of overpaid taxes. You can count on JM Tax Advocates to ensure that your business does not pay a penny more or a penny fewer property taxes than what is fair, accurate, and equitable. We are here to advocate for your best interests!


By engaging JM Tax Advocates for real and personal property tax assessment reviews, our clients benefit from secured cash refunds, current, and perpetuating tax savings.


Utilizing JM Tax Advocates for property tax compliance assistance will accelerate your reductions. Our team will identify and implement strategies while your returns are being prepared.

economic Incentive Procurement

Leveraging our experienced navigators at JM Tax Advocates will allow your company to maximize economic incentives for company capital and employment initiatives. 

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